Chapter one “The Trail” It was a nice sunny day and the fields were shining emerald just like the sun was blazing hot. It was the beginning of an early spring and in fact it was St. Patrick’s Day. But I doubted that the leprechaun was going to show up. He had not been seen […]


A Special Rug

I have a special rug. Now, it might be hard to believe a rug special but mine is. It is a prayer rug and it has been in the family for some years. It is called a Jyamaz. We all offer our prayers on it. It has purple all over it. We use it five […]

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Hair Raising

One sunny morning, I went to have a walk. On the way, I passed a beauty salon. I peeked inside. I was so shocked by who I saw. It was Queen Elizabeth, having her hair cut beautifully. When she saw me she waved through the window. I went inside to meet her. She wanted me […]

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Jump For It

Remember the old tale of rabbit and tortoise who raced, well read a new twist in the story as the animals in The Hundred Acre Wood race against Rabbit! One afternoon I was watching Winnie the Pooh, and suddenly I was inside the TV. There  was a hopping contest between Rabbit, Tigger, Pooh Bear and Roo. Owl and […]

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A Moonlit Dream

I always had an interest in space but I never imagined going to the moon. Until one day I thought going to the moon would be a good idea because I would get to float around in the spaceship, bounce around the moon, look through a telescope and collect moon rocks. So I watched a […]

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