Jump For It

Remember the old tale of rabbit and tortoise who raced, well read a new twist in the story as the animals in The Hundred Acre Wood race against Rabbit!

One afternoon I was watching Winnie the Pooh, and suddenly I was inside the TV. There  was a hopping contest between Rabbit, Tigger, Pooh Bear and Roo. Owl and Gopher were the judges. The other animals were worried that they might lose against Rabbit. Tigger was especially interested in the bouncing race. I thought I could help them. When I told them I could help them they were overjoyed.

To get ready for the race we needed to find a gadget that would provide us to jump faster than a rabbit. Tigger remembered that he had 4 pairs of bouncy shoes to help him bounce higher with  his bounce trained feet and extremely bouncy tail. He thought we could borrow them for the race. He used the shoes to bounce up to Castle Ridge once! Even though Tigger lent us bouncy shoes we still had to practise until tomorrow. We stretched and pulled and exercised a lot.

The next day, we went to the race course which was 2 miles long! Owl was supposed to start the race but before he could say “go” he got carried away talking about the last century in which his uncle Torbit had been challenged to a flying race from Florida to Los Angeles! Instead for him Gopher shouted go and gave us a 3 minute head start. Tigger got ahead of everybody without bouncy shoes! Later, Rabbit caught up to us and hopped away to get past Tigger. Tigger got left behind and that exasperating Rabbit hopped away. Tigger was determined not to give up so he sang a confidential song aloud to help him catch up to Rabbit.

After ten minutes, we all got too tired to bounce anymore. We had a drink from our water bottles that we had packed. We tried bouncing, but it made us even more tired. Just then Kanga came to give us some chocolate chip cookies. She also said that “If they could find a space in her pouch or climb up and cling on to something she could take them to the finish line”. Everyone agreed on this wonderful idea.

Tigger hung on to Kanga’s arm, Pooh and Roo sat in her roomy pouch and I got a piggy ride . She set off to find Rabbit who was now almost at the finish line but with Kanga being so big she could take big bounces. Rabbit was nearing the end but then Kanga hopped over him to the finish line. Rabbit was so surprised he kept claiming that we cheated by asking Kanga to give them a free ride but Owl said that if the contestants could find a suitable candidate that would lead them to the finish line and they agreed on that it was allowed.

Anyways Kanga only asked them if they wanted a free ride. “ You shall pay for this,” snarled Rabbit. “ Oh no no no no no, how about you pay for losing and saying we cheated “said Tigger

“ Yes, how about a little sweet payment like 14 pots of honey each “ suggested Pooh

Rabbit was overtaken by this but said yes so we went to have a celebration at Rabbit’s house and everyone got lots of honey!

The End!!!



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