Hair Raising

One sunny morning, I went to have a walk. On the way, I passed a beauty salon. I peeked inside. I was so shocked by who I saw.

It was Queen Elizabeth, having her hair cut beautifully. When she saw me she waved through the window. I went inside to meet her. She wanted me to have my hair cut with her. The salon had wonderful razors to cut hair and in the end they put on gel as well. When our hair was done the queen invited me to a tea party at her palace. I agreed at once. It would be thrilling to visit a palace.

The queen set the table with a sweet smelling rhododendron. We had a fabulous tea featuring some cream pie and a chocolate sponge! Then I said goodbye to the queen and carried on with my walk. It was so nice meeting the queen. I am going to tell everyone about it. I hope I see her again.

The End!!!


5 thoughts on “Hair Raising

  1. Enid

    Great story! But I have a feeling you could have added more details like you got to tour the palace and see some interesting things.


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