A Special Rug

I have a special rug. Now, it might be hard to believe a rug special but mine is. It is a prayer rug and it has been in the family for some years. It is called a Jyamaz. We all offer our prayers on it.

It has purple all over it. We use it five times a day. It is special because we all pray on it. We have another Jynamaz but the purple one is used the most. I can also go to a masjid, a place where muslims pray if I want. Praying is also related to our festival, Eid and we take the Jynamaz with us. It is in our culture to pray and use the Jynamaz when we do so. My Grandma knits me rugs or we can just buy some.

I love my rug also as it is a special item.

































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