The Sneaky Leprachaun

Chapter one

“The Trail”

It was a nice sunny day and the fields were shining emerald just like the sun was blazing hot. It was the beginning of an early spring and in fact it was St. Patrick’s Day. But I doubted that the leprechaun was going to show up. He had not been seen since 1916. But every March 17 people hope to see the leprechaun, which I regret will never return.

After breakfast, I climbed up my favorite tree, also a place where I made a cosy and comfy nest out of hay, a patch of mud, sticks, twigs, moss, my blanket and a lot of other essentials. I got there just in time to find a trail of four leaf clovers leading to the barn and miles away…

I was astonished! The leprechaun could not be here, could he? I decided to follow the trail. First, I ought to look in the barn, just in case he left something behind.

Inside the barn I saw a trail of sparkling dust. So now I had two trails to follow. I touched the dust and suddenly I began to fly. It was easier to follow the trail now.

Chapter two

“The Transportation”

I followed both trails for at two miles and all the time I kept coming across pairs of socks. Finally, when the trail stopped I was in a meadow. Then magically a rainbow appeared but there was not a single drop of rain.

I started to climb the fake rainbow. It was like climbing a tree. When I reached the top after what seemed like hours, I found a mysterious portal that led all the way into the clouds.

I slid down the rainbow into the portal. Now I could see the real rainbow and a pot of gold in a shamrock field. But before I could get it a huge lake appeared in front of me and the leprechaun!

Chapter three

“Gold at Last!”

“Well, well, well, I do say,” crackled the leprechaun

“You wanted to get my gold?”

I did not say anything

“You found my socks? If you touched one you would have been teleport straight here, but you decided to take the hard way, did you?”

“Give me the gold,” I snarled

“Certainly,” he said and the gold sank in the lake.

Suddenly, I heard a noise and opened my eyes. I looked around for the leprechaun, gold and rainbow but I was in my room. I guess I was just dreaming besides the leprechaun is a thing of imagination.

The End



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