Winnie the Pooh and a Mystery Too Part 1

One day Winnie the Pooh woke up and went to have his breakfast. He got out some milk, and a bar of chocolate. But when he stretched to the top self of his cupboard to get a pot of honey, he noticed each of them was empty.

“Why that is funny, I am sure I left five full pots of honey” he thought

He went to  Piglet’s to check if anything had been swiped from his house. Piglet’s beech tree was right in the middle of the forest and he was most proud of it. When Pooh arrived there and told Piglet all about the missing honey pots, Piglet shared that his grandfather’s silver clock and painting has gone too.

“It is funny isn’t it?” asked Piglet

“Lets go and see if everyone has had something taken away.” suggested Pooh

So one by one they visited their friend’s house. First they found out that Tigger’s house was burgled and the burglar had taken his clothes.

“Wait till I get ’em.” Tigger said

“Didn’t I scare them when I roared like a lion!” And he roared a most ferocious and alarming roar very similar to a lion’s.

“I betcha Owl and Eyeore were robbed too. This sounds a job for…… Tigger Private-Ear”

And he got out his note-book and started  to sniff the ground.

To be continued….


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