Pakistan is my country and I like it there. In Pakistan if you want to catch the fast bus which never stops only at bedtime you have to grab the handle and try to get in. There is also garbage everywhere and the shops are rusty and old. It’s very hot too. But the schools […]

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A New Plan

One wintry day I woke up and thought that it was a good day for skiing, so I went outside after breakfast. When I was outside, I went to visit my friends Ayyan and Momin who knew how to ski. When I arrived they suggested we ski on the top of Big Hill and have […]

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Big Fun

One bright and sunny morning I woke up to check the calendar. But I could not see it. I just got a bump on my head. I looked upwards and saw the ceiling really close. Well, that was unusual.  I thought. I normally saw the roof about 9 feet higher than me. Unless I grew […]

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Money from the Mall

It is hard to believe but I just won a ten million dollar gift prize today from a local mall called Pond Day! On the very day of the lottery, I went to have a super duper extra early breakfast because it was on 8 AM sharp. Once we finished we got dressed and headed […]

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A Vine Time

It was a bright and sunny morning and I wanted to go play outside so I gobbled up breakfast and got dressed to go out. I wanted to climb my favorite tall elm tree. On the top, I found this neat vine that looked like a rope and it had leaves all around it. It […]

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